Trust God , Clean House , Help Others Main Principles In AA

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"Trust God, Clean House, Help Others" is a phrase often used in the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program. It summarizes the three main principles that members of AA follow in their journey of recovery from alcoholism. Trust God: This principle encourages AA members to develop a relationship with a higher power, which can provide them with the strength and guidance they need to overcome their addiction. Many AA members find comfort and support in their faith, and they rely on their beliefs to help them stay sober. Clean House: This principle refers to the process of taking inventory of one's past actions and making amends for any harm caused to others. It also means to remove any negative influences and focus on self-improvement. Help Others: This principle encourages AA members to give back to the community by helping other alcoholics achieve and maintain sobriety.

Trust God Clean House Help Others

Members often find that helping others is a powerful way to stay sober themselves, and that the support of the community is crucial to their recovery. By following these principles, members of AA are able to rebuild their lives and find lasting sobriety.

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