Our Universal Fit AA NA Medallion Holder Keychain Is Here!

Posted by John Gall on

One of the problems our customers often have with AA Medallion Holders is choosing one that fits their medallion.  Sobriety chips come in various sizes, there is no standard.  Wendell's makes the traditional bronze medallion you receive in meetings and its 34mm x 2mm or 1 5/16" Bright Star Press Tri-Plate medallions are a whopping 34mm x 5mm and Recoverychip coins are 33mm x 3mm as you can see its easy to get the right chip and wrong holder.  We do make gold plated keychain holders for all these medallions but what about one holder that works with them all?  We make a universal fit keychain holder that will hold any sobriety chip on the market.  It's made of soft silicone and has a nice window covered in plastic so you can slip your chip into the holder and proudly display it without worrying about it being scratched.  The holder is round so fits easily in your pocket or purse and won't scratch you when you reach for it.  Check out this video to see how the holder works.  Our Universal Fit AA NA Medallion Holder is $11.99

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