Beware Of Fake / Counterfeit NA ( Narcotics Anonymous ) Medallions

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Did you know that there are Fake NA Sobriety Chips running around?  Most shoppers never think about this.  If a seller is offering a NA Medallion it's real right?  Nope!  Narcotics Anonymous, unlike AA actually designed and produces their own official Narcotics Anonymous Sobriety Medallions.  These are copyrighted items so unless they are the items produced by NAWS they are a fake or a coin designed by someone else being sold "as" an NA medallion. 

You can easily tell an Official NA Medallion from a fake chip because the sellers aren't copying the exact copyrighted design, they produce their own interpretation of that design.  They produce them in styles and colors that NAWS doesn't offer.  On Amazon for example if you search for Official NA Medallion you'll find the real deal.  If you search for NA Medallion you'll find all sorts of coins selling themselves as NA Chips but they are not the official coin.

To help you spot the real from the fakes i'm going to post some pictures of the real NA Medallion design here.  You'll see all the coins despite color differences, have the same essential design.  They also say NA on the back.  Anything you see that is called an NA medallion but doesn't have this design is simply a counterfeit item trading on the good name of Narcotics Anonymous. 

We sell only genuine NA Sobriety Chips purchase them directly from Narcotics Anonymous World Services so the funds serve the NA community.

18 Month NA MedallionNA Medallion Back1 Year NA Medallion Black Silver Glitter

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