What Is A One Year AA NA Chip?

Posted by John Gall on

When you hear someone speak of a 1 Year Chip they are probably talking about a Sobriety Medallion in a recovery program like AA or NA.  A 1 year Chip celebrates a full year of sobriety.  Some programs make sobriety coins a direct part of their program producing their own (Narcotics Anonymous).  Other programs like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) do not actually make chips or put their name or logo on a chip.  In programs like AA chips are handed out to mark various points in sobriety but are more of a cultural norm than a direct part of the program.  A 1 year chip in AA will usually have the Three Legacies Triangle and Unity Service Recovery and a Roman Numeral I in the center.  The back usually has the Serenity Prayer. 

1 Year Medallions can be bronze or much fancier coming in many colors with gold plating or silver plating and even crystals.  You can see a selection of popular 1 year medallions on our site. 

We also sell 1 year NA medallions if you are looking for a sobriety chip for Narcotics Anonymous.

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