1 Year AA Medallion The Sobriety Chip To Celebrate A First Anniversary

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To many in recovery programs like AA the 1 Year sobriety medallion is a crucial milestone.  Some AA meetings hand out nice bronze chips for months 1 3 6 9 and some do plastic poker chips.  This makes the 1 year chip the first non-plastic that some members of Alcoholics Anonymous receive.  The options available today for medallions celebrating one year are many and this post explores a few options available.  Common manufacturers are Wendells , Bright Star Press and Recoverychip.com - Nearly all of these have the Serenity Prayer on the back.

The most common 1 year AA medallion is the traditional bronze.  Wendells makes a nice bronze which is considered the standard as its the most common.  These sell for $1.50 in most places as well as on this store.

1 Year Bronze AA Medallion Wendells Anniversary1 Year Blue Gold Plated AA Medallion1 Year Founders Ocean Breeze Blue Gold Plated AA Medallion1 Year Pink Silver Plated AA Medallion1 Year Black Silver Plated AA Medallion

Wendells also makes Silver Plated , Gold Plated and Colored Medallions Called Paint On Demand.  Those are custom ordered in whatever plating or color you like.  They also offer Founders medallions with Bill W and Doctor Bob on the front.

Bright Star Press makes 1 Year AA Medallions in Bronze and Bi-Plate and Tri-Plate Designs.  The bronze is less common than the Wendells but still popular.  The Bi-Plate is 3mm so a bit thicker than the Wendells and Gold and Silver Plated.  The Tri-Plate 1 Year Medallions from Bright Star Press are outstanding.  They come in Classic Black , Midnight Blue and Mandarin Red and have a glass like epoxy dome.  The coin is gold and silver plated and is simply stunning.

1 Year Midnight Blue AA Medallion Bright Star Press1 Year Mandarin Red AA Medallion Bright Star Press1 Year Classic Black AA Medallion Bright Star Press1 Year Bi-Plate AA Medallion Bright Star Press

Finally our own 1 year medallions.  Recoverychip.com makes two lines of Medallions.  The Reflex series and Elegant Black design.  

The Reflex Blue Green Pink or Purple medallions are available in 1 Year and Gold Plating.  What is unique about these chips is the To Thine Own Self Be True around the rim has the letters sunk into the coin and colored in Reflex Blue, Pink, Purple or Green.  The fill is colored over a herringbone pattern that shows through making this a coin never seen before on the market.  We also use a 3mm thickness to give the coin a premium weight and feel.

1 Year Reflex Blue AA Medallion1 Year Elegant Black AA Medallion1 Year Reflex Pink Gold Plated AA Medallion1 Year Reflex Purple Gold Plated AA Medallion1 Year Reflex Green Gold Plated AA Medallion

The Recoverychip.com Elegant Black AA Medallion has a glossy black color to match the gold and silver plating.  It's a high end coin the tuxedo of sobriety medallions.

Among these medallions you are sure to find the right 1 year chip for you or whomever you will give this special gift to for celebrating 365 days of continous sobriety.


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