AA Butterfly Medallion Bronze Or In Color?

Posted by John Gall on

Bronze AA Butterfly MedallionColor Butterfly Let Go Let God MedallionColor Change Is The Essence Of Life Butterfly Medallion

Looking for a butterfly themed medallion to keep or give to friends in recovery?  The ones we offer are very popular with folks in a 12 step program like AA or NA.  We have several types of butterfly medallions in color and plain bronze options.  Most have the Serenity Prayer on back however we did come out with an alternative that says "Be Willing To Surrender What You Are For What You Might Become."  We call it the Butterfly Surrender Medallion.  It's in full color or bronze your choice.  The size is 34mm and we have them in 2mm and 3mm sizes.  


The butterfly is the symbol for change which is why butterfly medallions are popular with members of AA NA Al-Anon or other recovery programs where successful members undergo a drastic personality change sufficient to recover.

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