AA Medallion Necklace Chip Holder For Wendells Sobriety Coins

Posted by John Gall on

If you want to carry your AA Medallion on a necklace we have a great sobriety chip holder for you to check out.  It's a gold tone necklace coin holder that can fit a 34mm x 2mm coin.  


What does it fit?

This means it fits the Wendells bronze medallions you usually receive in AA Meetings as well as their higher end gold and silver plated and colored chips.  

How It Works:

The way it works is that the top of the metal hoop unscrews allowing you to separate the top of the hoop.  You insert your coin and pinch the top of the hoop closed.  Screw the top on and you are ready to rock your favorite sobriety coin hanging from your AA Medallion Necklace.

The chain is 24" and also a gold tone finish to match the gold plated hoop.

AA Medallion Holder Necklace

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