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AA Medallions are almost always tied to a special date.  An anniversary celebrating a year or more of sobriety, sometimes even just months.  Because of this the timely delivery of your sobriety chip is critical.  With this in mind we offer several shipping options to ensure you get your AA medallion on time.  Below is a description of our shipping options so you can make the best choice.  We also created a collection of AA Medallions With Fast Shipping that represent options we stock locally and stock well due to the popularity.  If you are in a hurry these might be great options.

Standard Shipping:  1st Class generally items arrive 4-7 work days but the mail can be random at times so I have seen shipments take 10-14 days.  4-7 work days is a general estimation.  I usually tell people "about a week".

Expedited Shipping:  This is Priority Mail which takes 3-4 work days to arrive.  I used to tell people it was 2-3 days but these days its better to assume 3-4 days as the mail has gotten slower.  What else this gets you is priority handling.  Each morning the first orders filled are the Expedited Shipping orders.  This is to ensure they get into the mail ASAP so when you select Expedited shipping for $7.90 you get faster shipping and faster handling for your order.

Express Shipping:  This is Priority Mail Express.  USPS will tell you its a 1-2 work day delivery time and I find this is fairly accurate.  Priority Mail Express also delivers on Sundays and Holidays!  If you need something in 1 - 2 days for $27.00 this can happen.  Much like the Expedited shipping the Express shipments get priority handling and these shipments even will get a special trip to the post office if we've already missed the daily pickup.  If we can get it to the PO for a 3pm pickup we'll do so and so for your $27 you get fast shipping and fast handling and even a special trip to ensure its out that day if at all possible.

As always the farther ahead you can plan will help ensure your AA Medallion arrives on time but the proper selection of shipping services will greatly enhance your experience.  Congratulations on that special day for you or whomever you are gifting a medallion to.



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