Bill & Bob Founders Wearing Masks Coin 2020

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Many of my customers have been looking for a coin with Bill and Bob the Founders of AA wearing masks.  At first it seemed like an internet rumor, something seen in facebook groups.  I looked around and couldn't find it, but then I decided to check eBay and found one for sale however it quickly sold out.  I asked around and found the source.  They are VERY popular but the seller is offering a waiting list.  The website you can find these coins at is

Founders Masks AA Medallion

It's a cool idea as the coin commemorates 2020 and the shift from live to Zoom meetings due to Covid-19.  However some of my customers wrote me and were put off by using the figures of Bill and Bob on a coin with masks on.  I can see that side of it as well but each person would have to make up their own mind. 

Obviously these coins are not manufactured or endorsed by AA as Alcoholics Anonymous never lends its name to any outside enterprise.  Therefore it is up to each member to decide if this is a product they like or not and vote with their dollars.  

This has been a very hard time for those in recovery and we've had to be very resourceful to stay connected and continue to work with other Alcoholics.  I think Bill Wilson and Doctor Bob would be very proud of the fellowship and would feel very blessed that we have technology like Zoom to connect us and allow us to continue to have meetings in safety.  This coin commemorates that so while I can understand the sentiment at seeing Bill and Bob with masks on I think the coin also recognizes the lengths Alcoholics have gone to in working together during these challenging times.  

In closing if you are looking for this coin you now know where to find it.  If you are seeking the more traditional Founders coins we offer a wide selection of Bill and Bob chips in many colors and styles.  All without Masks :)


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