A Brief Bit Of Information About AA Medallions And Chips

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) medallions, also known as "chips," are small coin-like tokens that are given to AA members as a symbol of their time sober. The origins of AA medallions can be traced back to the early days of AA. In the 1930s and 1940s, AA members would often carry around small items, such as coins or keychains, to remind them of their commitment to staying sober. The practice of using medallions as a symbol of sobriety became more formalized in the 1950s.

AA medallions typically come in various colors, each representing a different milestone in a member's sobriety. For example, a white chip is often given to a member when they first join AA, while a chip of a different color, such as blue or gold, may be awarded to a member who has achieved a certain number of days, months, or years of sobriety.

AA Medallion

AA medallions have become an important part of AA culture and are worn or carried by members as a visible reminder of their commitment to staying sober, as well as a way of expressing gratitude for the support and help that they have received from others in the AA community.

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