Does AA Make or Sell Sobriety Medallions?

Posted by John Gall on

Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA ) Does Not make or sell sobriety chips.  However, there are multiple websites that sell AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) medallions or "chips" online. These medallions are small coin-like tokens that are given to AA members as a symbol of their time sober. They come in various colors, each representing a different milestone in a member's sobriety. Some of these websites also sell AA keychains, AA books, and other recovery related items.

It's important to note that while AA medallions can be a powerful symbol of an individual's commitment to recovery, they are not officially endorsed or sold by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS) which is the governing body of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. These medallions are typically sold by private vendors and should not be considered as an official AA product.

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