Gifts For Dry January Coins And Keychains

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Dry January is here and many who normally drink on whatever basis decide to spend the month of January Sober like many who live an entirely sober lifestyle.

The reasons for the Dry January Challenge are simple, it's all about physical and mental health and the obvious benefits one can receive by remaining dry for an entire month.  Whether one is a hard drinker or occasional drinker remaining sober for 30 days will certainly be a positive move in ones health.

Maybe you need something to help remind you and encourage you as you go through Dry January?  Maybe you have a friend or loved one who will be taking the Dry January Challenge?  The items we have are perfect for a gift or reminder that each day we take sobriety one day at a time.  Our One Day At A Time items make the perfect Dry January Gift.  Each coin or keychain has One Day At A Time on front and the Serenity Prayer on back.  Choose among many graphic designs in color or simple bronze.  We have a design for everyone.  Tropics, Flowers, Butterflies, Animals and even the Universe.

Dry January Medallion

None of our One Day At A Time items mention any sort of recovery program they simply say One Day At A Time and have the Serenity Prayer On Back.  If you are in the market for a Dry January Gift Please Take A Look At The 92 Options We Have For You.

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