Tri-Plate AA Medallions By Bright Star Press Midnight Blue Classic Black Mandarin Red

Posted by John Gall on

I found a video I took of the Bright Star Press Tri-Plate AA Medallions and thought i'd post it up here.  BSP provides AA Chips in Classic Black which is a nice glossy black.  Midnight Blue which is a deep sapphire metallic color and Mandarin Red which is a candy apple red.  The blue and mandarin are metallic translucent colors which change color in various lighting.  All three use gold an nickel plating over bronze and then are covered with a clear epoxy dome.  The result is probably the best looking high end sobriety medallion on the market today.  The front has the sobriety year represented by a roman numeral.  It has Unity Service Recovery and To Thine Own Self Be True and the AA Triangle and Circle.  The back has the Serenity Prayer so these contain all the traditional parts of AA medallions you see all over in meetings.  BSP has classed them up with the metallic and glossy color and epoxy dome.  I love selling these medallions and have trouble keeping them in stock.  Check them out for yourself.


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