RecoveryChip AA Medallions On Amazon and eBay

Posted by John Gall on

Not only do we sell AA Medallions here on but we carry our entire inventory on and have most things on eBay as well.  This gives you many options when shopping for sobriety chips online.  Why do we sell on Amazon and eBay when we have this website?  It's actually sort of the reverse. is where many of our repeat customers find us and come back to easily keep track of what new products we're bringing to the market.  But Amazon and eBay are great marketplaces so we find that everyone wins by making our entire inventory available in as many places as we can.  Amazon has a great program called FBA where we can ship in parts of our inventory and Amazon will fulfill the orders for us.  This gets customers their coins in 2 days or faster and for those with Amazon Prime they can enjoy their free 2 day shipping.  If you'd  like to browse our AA Medallions On Amazon you'll find us selling under the name RecoveryChip.  Our store on eBay can be found at 

If you find something you'd like on but would feel more comfortable purchasing the chip at Amazon or eBay go right ahead.  If you can't find it on one place, please check the other.  We do focus most of our energy at since we can actually send our products directly there and rely on Amazon's great means and reputation for fast shipping.  

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