3 New 1 Year AA Medallion Color And Gold Plated Designs Blue & Black With Beveled Edges

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I love high end AA Medallions, the traditional bronze coins are great, but i've really gained an appreciation for the high end medallions that become art pieces.  Plating and colors and texture and epoxy coatings give these coins a unique character that really set the various models apart from the traditional styles.  I decided to see if we could develop our own unique coin and started with the 1 year chip as it is the most popular we sell.  I worked with a great designer at http://graphicsbyjen.com who listened to my requirements.  I explained that AA Medallions have traditional required pieces and parts.  They all have to be the same in some regard but I didn't want to copy another manuacturer.  I wanted a medallion that had all the required design elements that make up an AA Chip but that would not be the same as what is no the market.  I was blown away by what Jen came up with.  I told her I loved beveled edges, gold plating and black and blue color.  I told her that gold and silver tri-plate designs look great and this is what she came up with.  I was so blown away I had all three made into medallions.  What we have to offer is a blue and gold plated coin that has the letters around the rim recessed and colored.  The pure gold plated design is unique because the edges are beveled and the recessed surfaces are textured.  The letters inside are 3D as is the triangle and I for 1 year.  The lettering around the rim is recesed.  Finally the Black and Gold Plated chip has silver plated Unity Service Recovery giving this chip a tri-plate design. 

All have the Serenity Prayer on back in gold plating and the surface is colored in blue or black or in the case of the pure gold plated coin textured surface with 3D lettering.

 These are amazing pieces of art.  I'm hoping that our customers will find them as amazing as I do.

Gold Plated 1 Year AA Medallions

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