Thy Will Not Mine Be Done Medallions Step 3 In Your Pocket

Posted by John Gall on

I am pleased to bring to market what I think might be a first.  I've sold praying hands medallions that say One Day At A Time for awhile but I was looking for something unique and something that would serve as a reminder how we can stay connected to God as we go through our days.  Frequently when I take a moment and talk to God I say "Thy Will Not Mine Be Done", its something suggested to me in the book Alcoholics Anonymous as a way to set aside my will and listen for knowledge of what God wants me to be doing and thinking.  The short version of a Step 3 prayer might be Thy Will Not Mine Be Done so I decided to put it on a premium coin.  I used the traditional praying hands but had them raised with a 3D effect you can really feel.  To maintain the traditional design the Serenity Prayer is on the back but along the bottom of the coin it says "Thy Will Not Mine Be Done".  The coin is available in a Midnight Blue Metallic with Silver Plating and also a Glossy Black and Gold Plated coin.  Both are stunning and I think anyone who receives one will be blown away.  The coin is not only unique in message but stunning in appearance something i've never seen before.  I'm hoping others appreciate it as much as I am.

Thy Will Not Mine Be Done Medallions

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