AA Rule 62 Medallion Don't Take Yourself Too Damn Serious Sobriety Chip

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Today we received our first shipment of our Rule 62 bronze sobriety medallion.  The back says "Don't Take Yourself Too Damn Serious".  The coin is a nice brushed bronze with a raised road sign that says "Rule 62" the raised graphic gives it a nice texture and feel.  The back also has raised text its a great coin.  It's standard recovery coin size 33mm or 1 5/16"  We sell the Rule 62 Medallion for $1.99

Where does Rule 62 come from?  Or What does Rule 62 have to do with Alcoholics Anonymous?  If you read Tradition 4 in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  

Tradition 4:  Each AA Group Should Be Autonomous Except In Matters Affecting Other Groups or AA As A Whole.

 The book mentions a group they call "The Middletown Group."  This group thought there should be complicated AA clubs that provide treatment and fund back debts and have promotion for their efforts.  The group nearly went under in the confusion but from the ashes it remained and realized the error of its ways.  You'll find a reference to Rule 62 as a card that the Middletown #1 group would leave that says Rule #62 Don't Take Yourself Too Damn Seriously.  It was when an AA group exercised its right to be wrong says the 12x12.  Read the entire tradition and story at http://www.aa.org/assets/en_US/en_tradition4.pdf

 Rule 62 Medallion

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