AA Medallion Holder Key Chain For Your Wendells Sobriety Chip

Posted by John Gall on

Looking for a way to take your AA Medallion on the go without keeping it in your pocket?  We've created a keychain holder  which allows you to insert your sobriety chip in the hoop and screw on the bezel to lock it in.  The chain is 2" and the keychain is plated in 18k gold plating.

Often used as an AA Medallion Holder Key Chain you can use this for any challenge coin or other medallion that is 1 5/16" or 33mm in diameter and 2mm thick.

If you are giving a gift you'll be pleased to know it comes in a nice jewelry package on a white felt card.  We can also insert the AA medallion or other sobriety coin for you if you order at the same time.

We also offer Keychain Medallion Holders for BSP Tri-Plate and Recoverychip Reflex and Elegant Sobriety Medallions.  Check out our Medallion Holder site if you would like to see more about AA Medallion Holders.

Want to see more?  Check out this Youtube video showcasing our AA Medallion Holder Key Chain that fits Wendells Bronze, Plated and Colored sobriety medallions.

AA Medallion Holder Key Chain

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