AA Medallion Holder Necklace Now Available

Posted by John Gall on

I'm pleased that we can offer an AA Medallion Holder Necklace which will hold up to your busy life.  We had a previous necklace that would hold an AA or other Sobriety coin in a hoop but found that the hoop was too brittle and would often break when inserting or removing a medallion.  So we went back to the drawing board, had a new model created and this time looked at parts that would be stressed and used material like brass or larger loops to ensure this would hold up.  This new model has been well received and works much better than the one we were reselling.  

How does the medallion get into the hoop?  Simply unscrew the bezel from the hoop insert your medallion and then re-screw the bezel back on the hoop.  Careful not to twist too tight as you can strip the threads.  If you don't intend to remove the coin you might also consider a drop of adhesive inside the bezel to ensure it won't ever unscrew or strip.  

This AA Medallion Holder necklace is gold plated in 18k and has a 24" chain with a lobster claw clasp.  For the price point its a very nice package and will present your medallion very well.

AA Medallion Holder Necklace

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