How The Engraved Sobriety Date Coin Is Custom Made For You

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One of our most popular Sobriety Medallions is the Wendells "This Day My New Life Began" engraved coin.  On one side is a stunning sun that says This Day My New Life Began.  The other side has a very detailed tree and on the trunk a date of your choosing is engraved.  I visited Wendells Inc and was fortunate enough to see one of these coins engraved and I photographed it during the various stages.

The coin starts out with a blank tree and a machine run by a computer engraves the sobriety date you chose.  Then a chemical is applied to the engraved area to antique the numbers and turn them a nice black that will cause your date to stand out.  The coin sits with the chemical on the numbered area for about 30 minutes and is watched to ensure it fully antiques.  Then the chemical is removed and the coin is complete and ready to ship.  You can buy these engraved sobriety date coins here or find them on or eBay or Etsy.  We also have a Founders edition and a few other engraved options.  The lighting isn't the best in these pictures but you can see the process your personalized coin will go though.  Please allow 2 work days to ship as each coin is engraved by a dedicated Wendell's employee prior to shipment.

Engraved Sobriety Date Coin

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