Universe One Day At A Time Medallion Now In Color!

Posted by John Gall on

On of the most popular sobriety medallions we sell is the Wendells BRM78 Universe One Day At A Time bronze medallion.  It has a great depiction of the universe with Earth, Sun and Moon all in raised 3D graphics.  It has One Day At A Time on the front and the Serenity Prayer on the back.  It's a great item for anyone on a spiritual walk or in sobriety.  Wendells has a great custom program so I approached them about doing a color version of the Universe coin.  I looked online and found what I thought the parts should look like and shared that with them.  Wendells did a fantastic job of using digital printing and direct painting of the coin to create a blend that puts the right color and printing in the right place.  On the solid bronze it looks stunning.  We offer the color version of this Universe coin for $12.99 and we also sell on Amazon, eBay and Etsy.  We're hoping that those looking for a bit higher end version of this best selling coin are pleased with the new choice.Universe One Day At A Time Medallion In Color

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