Bronze AA Medallions

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Bronze AA medallions are medallions given to members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as a symbol of their sobriety. They are also commonly referred to as "sobriety chips" or "milestone chips". These medallions are usually awarded in recognition of certain milestones in the recovery process, such as reaching a certain number of days, months, or years of sobriety.

The most common milestone recognized with a bronze medallion is the 24-hour chip, given to members who have achieved one day of sobriety. From there, chips are usually awarded in 30-day increments up to a year, and then in yearly increments up to 5 years, after which a medallion is awarded every 5 years.

The design of the medallions typically includes the AA triangle symbol, which represents the three legacies of AA: Recovery, Unity, and Service. The medallions also usually have the AA Serenity Prayer inscribed on them.

Bronze AA Medallions

The medallions are usually awarded at AA meetings, and they are often carried by members as a reminder of their sobriety and as a symbol of their commitment to the AA program. They also serve as a way for members to share their progress with others and as a way for others to offer support and encouragement.

Bronze medallions are not only a way to recognize and celebrate the achievement of reaching certain milestones in the recovery process, but also a way to remind members of the importance of continuing in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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