What Are The Levels Of AA Medallions?

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In the world of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), medallions or chips play a significant role in recognizing and celebrating various milestones of sobriety. These medallions come in different colors, each representing a specific duration of continuous abstinence from alcohol. While there is no official standard for the colors, certain coin milestone colors have become commonly used within the AA community. In this article, we will explore the levels of AA medallions and their associated timeframes, highlighting the significance of each milestone along the journey to recovery. Silver Chip (24 Hours of Sobriety): The silver chip represents the first significant milestone in AA, symbolizing 24 hours of continuous sobriety. This chip is typically received during a newcomer's first meeting, serving as a powerful reminder of their commitment to a sober lifestyle. It represents the courage to embark on the path of recovery one day at a time. Red Chip (30 Days/1 Month of Sobriety): The red chip signifies 30 days or one month of sobriety. It is an important milestone that reflects the initial stages of a recovering individual's journey. Receiving the red chip represents the commitment and determination to maintain abstinence for an extended period, providing encouragement and a sense of accomplishment. Gold Chip (60 Days/2 Months of Sobriety): The gold chip represents 60 days or two months of continuous sobriety. At this stage, individuals have overcome initial challenges and have started to establish healthier habits and coping mechanisms. The gold chip signifies a growing commitment to recovery and the perseverance required to sustain a sober lifestyle. Green Chip (90 Days/3 Months of Sobriety): The green chip symbolizes 90 days or three months of sobriety. It marks a significant milestone where individuals begin to experience substantial physical, emotional, and spiritual changes in their recovery journey. The green chip celebrates the dedication and resilience exhibited by individuals as they continue to progress on their path to sobriety. Purple Chip (4-9 Months of Sobriety): Purple chips represent varying durations between four and nine months of continuous sobriety. These milestones acknowledge the continued commitment and effort individuals put into their recovery journey. Each purple chip received signifies further growth, stability, and personal transformation achieved during these crucial months. Gold Chip (10 Months of Sobriety): The gold chip, obtained after ten months of sobriety, acknowledges the approaching milestone of one year. This medallion commemorates the dedication and perseverance demonstrated by individuals as they approach this significant anniversary. It serves as a reminder of the progress made and the strength gained throughout the recovery process. Green Chip (11 Months of Sobriety): The green chip received at 11 months represents the final month leading up to the highly anticipated one-year milestone. It signifies the unwavering commitment and resolve individuals demonstrate during the last leg of their first year in recovery. Bronze Chip (1 Year of Sobriety): The bronze chip is a highly cherished medallion in AA, awarded to individuals who have completed one full year of continuous sobriety. It symbolizes an incredible achievement and signifies the dedication, perseverance, and personal growth attained during this pivotal period. Receiving the bronze chip marks the completion of the first major milestone and often inspires individuals to continue their journey of sobriety with renewed determination. Conclusion: The levels of AA medallions play a vital role in acknowledging and celebrating the milestones achieved on the path to recovery. These medallions, represented by different colors, symbolize the dedication, commitment, and personal growth demonstrated by individuals in their ongoing sobriety journey. While the specific colors may vary within different AA groups, the underlying significance remains the same – to recognize

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