Our Most Commonly Purchased AA Medallions

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In the world of AA Medallions there are a ton of choices.  With time has come selection as technology has brought to the recovery world choices in colors and various types of plating and even crystals and glitter.  Yet there are certain AA Medallions that stand the test of time and are purchased more often than other sobriety coins.  To make shopping easy i've prepared a page that displays only the most popular AA Medallion designs purchased by real customers.  Most are purchased often because AA Groups make the purchase and that means volume.  Others just have a design that customers love and gift over and over to someone celebrating a milestone in their sobriety.

You can find our most commonly purchased items by simply visiting https://aamedallion.com

AA Medallion

To summarize AA groups and some individuals purchase the traditional bronze coins.  These are available in singles or in bulk packages and we have year 1 - 65 and also stock month 1 - 11 and 18 month and even 24 hours.

Aluminum AA Medallions also come in packs of 6 (Month 1 2 3 6 9 and 24 hours) and packs of 12 for Month 1 - 11 and 24 hours and larger packs that groups often use to restock their chip cases.

As you move up from the bronze and aluminum AA medallions you have gold plated with color sobriety chips and finally at the high end the AA coins with color and gold and crystals installed by persons in recovery.  

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