AA Related Sobriety Tools Essential For Newcomers And Sponsors

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If you are new to AA and Sobriety or even if you have many years here are many tools you can find online that are helpful for learning and teaching others.  

The Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous) Online - This version allows you to cut and paste.  I use it with online sponsees as we exchange emails I can copy and paste parts of the big book as we study.

Mike Chase Big Book Thumpers - This website is full of AA podcasts.  You can find these in iTunes as well, and probably other podcast providers.  Search for Big Book Thumpers wherever you subscribe to podcasts.  Here however you can download MP3 audio directly.   You will find great speakers explaining sobriety and how to work the steps and what it means to be sober and recovered.  Additional Mp3 AA Podcasts and Speakers can be found at the Silkworth site as well.

Joe & Charlie Big Book Comes Alive - This is a must listen for anyone in AA.  It will take you through the first 164 pages of the book Alcoholics Anonymous.  Joe and Charlie are fun and entertaining and really help study and understand the text Alcoholics Anonymous.

AA Daily Reflections Online - Free daily reflections readings.  Same as the book called "Daily Reflections" but provided online.  A different one each day to help you with meditation and meeting content or just conversation among other alcoholics.

4th Step Workshops And Tools:

AAByTheBook.Org - This is the best 3rd and 4th step workshop i've attended.  This website has Mp3 audio of the entire workshop that covers Steps 3 and 4 in excellent detail.  The 4th step inventory sheets provided here follow the instructions given in the Big Book.  This is the site and sheets I use to teach and work with sponsees writing inventory.

The Melbourne AA Steps Weekend published a great 4th Step Presentation done with Powerpoint.  You don't need to install Powerpoint you can watch it online or download a portable file that lets you walk through how to write inventory as directed in the Big Book.  It's an excellent teaching tool for Sponsors.

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