.999 Fine Silver AA Medallions A Buyers Guide

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.999 Fine Silver AA Medallions

A Buyers Guide For Fine Silver Sobriety Coins

There are two options you if you want to purchase a .999 Fine Silver AA Medallion.  Wendells Inc has long been the only maker of .999 Fine Silver AA Coins.  Long ago these medallions used the same 34mm die as their traditional bronze chips which you may be received in an AA Meeting.  In early 2020 Wendells lost the ability to obtain the silver blanks in 34mm so they created all new 30mm dies to keep the fine silver AA Medallion product lines alive.  Since 2020 all the fine silver coins have been 30mm x 3mm so a smaller diameter and thicker than standard bronze AA Medallions.  You can see all our .999 Fine Silver AA Medallions by viewing our collection.  But here is a photo of the Wendells Silver AA Medallion. As you can see the Wendells silver AA coin has a matte finish.  Some like the glossy finish used on silver plated coins but on the .999 fine silver Wendells has opted for a matte finish.  These coins are priced at $46.99

Fine Silver AA Medallion.999 Silver AA Medallion


Recoverychip.com Fine Silver AA Medallions New In 2022

Starting in 2022 Recoverychip manufactured a line of silver AA Chips.  These coins use the Recoverychip Reflex Design.  Because we manufacture the coins we can price these at just $33.99  Aspects of the Reflex design are the herringbone pattern in the fill areas and the recessed To Thine Own Self Be True round the rim.  Beast lf all these coins are 34x2mm so the same size as the standard bronze AA chips you are used to seeing.  As a result the Recoverychip silver AA Medallions fit in keychain holders that you may already use to hold your bronze coins.  Here is a photo of the Recoverychip Fine Silver AA Medallion so you can see the difference in design.  In addition to the standard 34x2mm size, the Recoverychip coins use a mirror finish you might call it a more glossy or shiny look vs the matte used on the Wendells coins.

Recoverychip Silver AA Medallion

Recoverychip .999 Fine Silver AA Chip

Fortunate for our customers we stock both the Wendells and Recoverychip Fine Silver AA Medallions.  You can shop all the Silver AA Medallions by visiting our store.

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