AA Medallion Manufacturers Where Do Sobriety Chips Come From?

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Long ago I never knew where AA Medallions came from.  I knew my club had them and I knew clubs bought them from their local Intergroup but failing that I had no idea where they came from.  One meeting our club ran out of the most common months and years of the traditional AA medallions.  Whomever restocked our club had not done so in awhile and it was embarrassing giving new people IOU's for AA chips.

I decided to take the bull by the horns and stock the club my self but where to begin?  Google of course :)  I searched where to AA medallions come from and AA Medallion Manufacturers imagine my surprise to find Wendells Inc http://www.wendellsinc.com/ in Ramsey Minnesota just 10 miles from my AA Club.  Wendells makes the traditional AA bronze medallion you've probably seen a million times over.  They also make many other styles of sobriety coins and affirmation chips as well as higher end coins in gold and silver plating and in various colors.  They also have a great engraving program for certain medallions.  It was at my meeting with them that I opened this business bringing over 800 different types of sobriety medallions to Amazon and eBay. 

Another quality AA Medallion manufacturer is Bright Star Press http://www.brightstarpress.com/   Located in Drain Oregon, Bright Star offers their own bronze and aluminum sobriety medallions but they really shine with their Tri-Plate medallions in Mandarin Red, Midnight Blue and Classic Black.  These are plated in Gold and Nickel and have a glassy epoxy dome.  

There are other manufacturers but these two are the largest and most well known.  We carry their sobriety chips here as well as on Amazon and ebay.

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