Custom Color AA Founders Bill & Bob Medallion Sobriety Chips Gold & Silver Plated

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One of the unique custom sobriety medallions we carry are the Wendells Founders Gold or Silver Plated Bill & Bob Chips.  Better yet these are custom colored over your choice of plating.  AA Founders Coins come in either gold or silver plating and are offered in Ocean Breeze Blue, Titanium, Red, Purple, Green, Camo and Black colors.  We can put any year on the front of the medallion from 1 - 65.  The front of these chips features a raised 3D picture of Bill Wilson and Doctor Bob the Founders of AA.  The back says "Rarely Have We Seen A Person Fail Who Has Thoroughly Followed Our Path".  Very unique!  These are custom painted and numbered for you.  After we receive your order we ask our manufacturer to create and ship your coin.  It takes 3 work days to ship and 3-7 to travel to you via USPS First Class.  Please allow 11 work days for arrival.  If you are in a hurry check for these color Founders coins which are marked "Fulfilled By Amazon".  Those are pre-ordered and held at Amazon so you can even get them overnight if you desire.

Purple Founders AA Medallion

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