To Thine Own Self Be True Beach Sunrise Color Bronze Keychain AA Serenity Prayer

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    • To Thine Own Self Be True Sunset Beach Color Bronze Keychain
    • Sunset Beach Color Picture and Bronze 1 5/16" 33mm Medallion (Half dollar Size) On A Nice Gold Tone Keyring
    • 3D Raised Text on both sides. Serenity Prayer On The Back
    • Full Color High End Look And Feel Made In The USA
    • Great Recovery Gift Item.
    • To Thine Own Self Be True Full Color Beach Sunrise - Medallion Keychain. Antique bronze 33mm medallion features raised 3D text on both sides. Has the Serenity Prayer on back. Medallion is about half dollar size. It's attached to a strong jump ring and gold tone keyring that has a diamond cut pattern, very high end look and feel. Being brass won't tarnish or flake. Solid recovery gift item