Serenity Prayer Bronze Medallion AA Chip Coin Recovery Qt 1

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 This auction is for ONE bronze Medallion of your choice

Just tell us which Medallion you want in messages or in the comments when you place your order.

On the back of each chip is the Serenity Prayer in raised lettering.
The front is going to be the style of your choosing.  After buying just let us know which one you want and we'll get it right out to you.

Traditional Anniversary triangle type with month or year of your choosing.  We also have 24 Hours
Ride Sober Ride Free
Triangle Circle
Praying Hands
To Thine Own Self Be True
Serenity Lake
One Day At A Time With Globe
First Things First
Out Of The Ashes Of Addiction
Keep It Simple
One Day At A Time Teddy Bear
Vietnam Vets In Recovery
Let Go Let God Butterfly
African American In Recovery
Women In Recovery Rose
Keep Coming Back
Recovery Is Discovery
Easy Does It

This item is a great gift for members of AA or other recovery programs to commemorate time of sobriety.

None of the products we carry display any trademark owned by AA or other recovery programs unless purchased directly from that program.

Recoverychip and products we sell are not associated with AA or officially part of the AA program.

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