Out of The Ashes of Addiction Color Phoenix Rising from Flames Sobriety Keychain

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  • Black With Flames Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes Of Addiction Keychain
  • Raised 3D Text and Graphics With Renewal And Growth and Serenity Prayer On Back
  • 1 5/16" Size or 34x2mm Medallion On Strong Ripple Ring Key Holder


Full Color Out of the ashes of addiction Keychain with a phoenix rising out of flames. Front in raised 3D text says Out Of The Ashes Of Addiction and Renewal And Growth. Back has the Serenity Prayer. This sobriety chip features raised 3D Graphics and Text and is 1 5/16" or 34x2mm in size. Made in the USA  Great gift for anyone in recovery programs like NA ( Narcotics Anonymous ) or AA ( Alcoholics Anonymous ) or any sort of Drug Addiction Program