Copper Sobriety Step Medallions Steps 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 AA NA 12 Step Programs

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Wendell’s beautiful series of 12 medallions illustrates the steps of recovery in rich antiqued copper. Each image is created in 3-D on a solid 12 gauge coin- -truly a gift to be treasured! Serenity Prayer is on the back.  

Note these are 1mm thicker than normal bronze coins.  This gives it a premium weight and feel.  BUT may not fit in a keychain holder you used for a standard bronze.

Step 1...We Are Powerless Step 2...We Came To Believe Step 3...We Turn Over Our Lives Step 4...We Became Honest Step 5...We Admit Our Wrong To Others Step 6...We Are Humble Step 7...We Accept Ourselves Step 8...We Are Willing To Make Amends Step 9...We Make Amends Step 10..We Continue Our Personal Inventory Step 11..We Seek Our Higher Power Step 12..We Practice These Principles