5 Year NA Style Clean Time Medallion Pink Rose Crystal Black Tri-Plate Chip

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5 Year NA Style Clean Time Chip.  Black Tri-Plate Design With Glass Like Epoxy Dome.  Pink Rose Crystals Installed By Persons In Recovery 34x3mm Size  Just For Today On Back.  High-quality 14k gold-plated brass for the embossed text, symbol outlines, and outside edge ring. All of the colors are hand-painted. Due to variations in available paint, weather conditions when they are made, and so forth, the colors can vary slightly from what is shown in the picture.  35mm (1.38 inches) diameter. The chip is slightly thicker than 14 gauge because of the resin-sealed dome that gives it its shine. Chip and scratch resistant. Easy to clean with a cloth. The thick resin coating keeps it vibrant through the years.  Great for use like a worry stone (a worry chip!). Convenient size to be carried in your pocket, purse, or wallet.

This item is a great gift for members of AA or other recovery programs to commemorate time of sobriety.

None of the products we carry display any trademark owned by AA or other recovery programs unless purchased directly from that program.

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