1 Year AA Medallion Gold Plated Beveled Edges Alcoholics Anonymous Sobriety Chip RecoveryChip Design

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1 Year AA Medallion Alcoholics Anonymous Sobriety Chip
  • It's Gold Plated ... BUT we beveled the edges on the Three Legacies Triangle and textured the sunken surface areas.
  • We recessed the words To Thine Own Self Be True and then polished the top areas and sides to a mirror shine.
  • What this gives you is a high end super unique sobriety coin that someone who earned that first year of sobriety will be proud to carry.
  • Serenity Prayer is on the back in raised lettering and we also textured the surface that was not raised.
  • This coin has weight, feels heavier than other chips but not overdone.
  • Comes with a vinyl envelope so you can store it safely.
  • 33mm or 1 5/16" Diameter standard AA Medallion size.