About Us - RecoveryChip Sobriety Medallions And Chip Holders

In 2014 I noticed that my Club was running out of AA Medallions, literally giving IOU's to newcomers who made their 1 month or 3 month or 6 month marks.  I didn't know who bought medallions for the club so I started researching "Where do AA Medallions Come From".  Imagine my surprise to find that Wendells Inc makes the traditional anniversary medallion and they were 15 miles from me.  I headed over, picked up a ton of medallions for my club and got setup with a wholesale account.  From there the rest is history, we're the largest seller of Sobriety Coins on Amazon.  We've created chip holders and launched our own line of RecoveryChip sobriety coins and car coasters.  While I don't consider this business 12 step work I do this work with passion knowing how important these coins are to those to give and carry them.  We offer Color AA Medallions in Silver and Gold Plated designs as well as traditional bronze copper and non year based chips.  You can find our products here or on Amazon.com or eBay.  Shop with confidence knowing that we know how important these items are to you.